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Tricom Research, Inc. is a leading developer of tactical communication products and technologies for the US Military and Federal Law Enforcement communities.

Tricom Research, Inc. was founded in 1990 to address the gaps in the communications technologies for the Special Operations Forces. It has since become the premier provider of communications accessories used by the modern day warfighter. Tricom Research, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide range of products for tactical RF communications and video reconnaissance and surveillance requirements for counter insurgency, counter terrorism, hostage rescue, force protection and homeland security activities.


Wounded Warrior Project


As of 4/1/13 Tricom Research Inc. will no longer be selling the 11000-00692 (two port TCR-MBA-50 non-wideband capable amplifier) in its current configuration. We are upgrading this product to a new version which allows the customer to return the amplifier to the factory for a quick and cost effective upgrade that will enable the Wideband Networking capabilities of the amplifier. The 11000-00692 part number will remain the same for customer ordering purposes. The end user will see no difference in SATCOM and LOS performance or size, but there will be some slight changes that will be noticeable, such as a new WB antenna port (this WB antenna port will not have the BNC connector populated. It will have a water tight cover installed instead and its Wideband features will be disabled in the firmware of the amplifier). Please refer to the new TCR-MBA-50 datasheet (document number 90400-01072 Rev E) for further information.

New ProductsTricom Research, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of our newest RF amplifier product, the TCR-MBA-50 WB Multiband RF amplifier.

The TCR-MBA-50 WB is a State of the Art software defined Multiband/Wideband RF Amplifier designed to extend the range of modern Handheld and Manpack Transceivers. The Amplifier supports emerging Wideband Networking Waveforms including the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) and the Advanced Networking Wideband Waveform (ANW2), as well as currently fielded Narrowband Waveforms such as IW, DAMA, SINCGARS and HAVEQUICK.




click here for TCR-MBA-50 WB datasheet

The TCR-MBA-50 WB has successfully been tested, and is currently in use, with Wideband Transceivers to extend the range of SRW and ANW2 networks providing > 3X the area coverage then with standard Transceivers alone.

An optional Bias Tee, the TCR-BT-01, allows the TCR-MBA-50 WB to be remotely located to the antenna location to take full advantage of transmit and receive amplification.

  Bias Tee 3  

click here for Bias Tee 3 datasheet


The TCR-MBA-50 WB (EXT) is similar in functionality and foot print as the TCR-MBA-50 WB but has an extended heat sink for high duty cycle applications





click here for TCR-MBA-50 WB (EXT) datasheet



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